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dental examination - Sandy, Utah

Dental Examination and X-Ray in Sandy Utah

Offering Sandy, Utah affordable dental examinations and x-rays

By performing a complete general dentistry examination, a Dr. Jeff Easton can determine your current oral health and determine what may be needed to improve your oral health and wellness. A thorough dental examination will discover any serious conditions that are causing or may cause deterioration of your oral health and attractive smile.

dental exam Sandy Utah

If you have children, it is important that your family dentist practices pediatric dentistry to help your entire family maintain the very best oral health and comfort. Making dental health a family priority will keep your family from painful periodontal diseases and ensure ongoing dental health.

Encouraging dental health awareness in your family will also help your family members avoid destructive dental habits which, if unchanged, can lead to dental diseases that are difficult or even impossible to fully reverse and correct. Problems found in some patients are much too severe and have gone too long without attention to be reversed and expect a complete return to ideal dental health.

In addition to practicing good dental hygiene, it is important that you have a six month general examination. During an examination at Easton Dental Care in Sandy, Utah, we will usually perform the following procedures:

  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Digital X-rays
  • Hard Tissue Examination (including teeth and bones)
  • Soft tissue examination
  • A complete health history review
  • Periodontal examination

The exact steps taken during your examination may vary depending on your particular needs.

For our friends in Sandy, Utah, Easton Dental Care offers affordable dental examinations and x-rays to help you maintain your best dental health. Please contact Easton Dental Care to schedule a friendly and gentle consultation.

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